The False Link between House of Cards and Brexit Politics

UK is in the midst of politcal chaos. Brexit is giving us a never ending encore of the dark abyss of politics. Diluting democracy, arrogance and straight out unforseeableness seem unbearing to us. Wouldn’t it be nice if the world of politics would be more like House of Cards?

House of Cards is suggesting us that politics is indeed a black hole of human interaction, where no friendship or trust can exist. However it also shows us that some key players are able to play the instrument of politics like Mozart knew how to handle his piano. The show tries to tell us that almost all of future events can be foreseen or made happen if you are cunning enough. Everybody is just a pawn and as long as you know the rules of chess, you can become the king and this is where Brexit enters again.

Some newspaper seem to play into this scheme. It seems unbearable to people that this chaos is not intended. So we assume that Boris Johnson planned this right from the start. It was his cunning all along that made the forced pause of the parliament turn into some Tories voting against him, because this in turn would lead to new general elections, where he would obviously emerge as a winner and lead the UK finally to the prospering lands of Brexit. If you take a step back and look at this arguement, you can see the fragility of it. Nobody is able to foresee these events to such an extent, even if we so desperately want it.

This type of reasoning has a communal ground with conspiracy theories, as well. A lot of these theories claim that powerful men (apologies to women, but it is usually men) are living behind a curtain and control our every move and know just perfectly how to manipulate us in order to achieve their goals. It seems easier to a lot of people to accept such a vague arguement than to accept the hard truth, which is: Human interaction is chaos – it always has and always will be and in the midst of turmoil the fog of the future is even denser.

Or saying it with Wittgenstein:

It is a hypothesis that the sun will rise tomorrow: and this means we do not know whether it will rise.

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